I’m innocent
to the man who loves me.
For the ones who don’t –
I’m square.

I’m virtuous
to the man who cares for me.
For those ones who don’t –
I’m slow.

I’m beautiful
to the man who sees me.
For those ones who don’t –
I’m hot.

I’m everything
to the man who feels me.
For those ones who don’t –
I’m a bore.

Sylvie Hill, Montreal
July 21, 2019


Sylvie Hill is an WRITER, POET, and EDUCATOR who turns ideas into opportunities.

:: Passion for provocative authors becomes a university Continuing Education course :: Fierce appreciation for a band inspires a magazine article that sells albums :: An adventure abroad is translated into a book of poetry and art!

This website features news about Sylvie’s arts, culture and education projects.

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Sylvie Hill Sylvie Hill - Version 3

Hi! I’m really inspired these days as I was 20 years ago by Musician/Artist/Poet Joseph_Arthur. But the inspiration is soaring me upward toward light and strong glow, rather than downward into depths and lush feeling. Now’s like a refreshing fruit juice with a sprinkle of awakening ginger! Before was rich like a dark wine and Drum-rolled cigarette no-filter that gives me a migraine.

Jo Arthur Sylv

That’s his headband face up there, and my hilarious attempt at emulating. I’m practicing what he’s preaching – positive momentum, resetting my parameters, and something about preserving my sexual energy into my third eye instead of giving it away. What?

My first professional press-paid article in 2000 was about how Peter Gabriel did a good move there in signing Jo Arthur to his Real World label. And 18 years on, one of my last pieces was on his live shows in Montreal. I learned to play guitar to his music (“In The Sun”. Loved the chord progression in “Speed of Light” where he sings ‘in my heart is a hunger / I would never give away’). His tunes have always resonated – explaining away darkness, addiction, mental illness, and redemption from all three. His stories were the subject of many of my print columns back in the day when I wrote for The Ottawa XPress for two years. They helped me put sound to feelings I had about crumbling relationships and moody NPD situations. So many years on, like a living biography of a talented human, we get to see him rockin’ his new Podcast “Come To Where I’m From.” And, his inspirational Instagram Videos where he shines (and swears) jubilantly in post-fitness highs and child-like eyes about staying bright, and recovering from toxic people. As a poet, we’re pulled toward the luxurious of dark things and for me: dark men. It’s not a sustainable way to live anymore. Too old for that shit. Watching Joseph Arthur now, boxer/fit/runner and into health: his light is equally and if not more strongly, alluring. Get into Joseph Arthur. It’s a truly uplifting experience. Dude lays it down bare, frank, yet structured and purposeful as an artist would in painting his pictures — literal or figurative.

(Speaking of positive-minded musicians, Hawksley Workman is another! I was inspired by him 2000 one rainy night in London, UK, which kicked off the writing of my first book, Hoxton Square Circles: starfucking tales of sexless one-night stands. Not that he was one of my guests or anything! These days, he’s constantly interacting with fans on his Twitter, which makes us sparkle.)


Sylvie at China Remix - Version 2

| Music/Culture Reviewer
| ex-Columnist

Sylvie Hill is known around Ottawa-Gatineau (Canada) for writing “Shotgun,” a hip and hilarious column (2004-2006) in The Ottawa XPress, an arts and entertainment weekly for Canada’s Capital City (and for Montreal’s sister paper, hour.ca). (NOTE: now defunct, the Ottawa XPress site was hacked and does not represent the original site.) She also contributed articles on music, books and arts for the paper, and feature pieces and a column called Charger for Guerilla Magazine, an edgy/eclectic arts & culture quarterly.

She was a part of Four Culture Magazine, writing about England’s dark disco, indie and alt-country music and Canadian/Spain street artist, Juan Carlos Noria. Add to that, one of her favourite American musician and artistsJoseph Arthur. She wrote about UK alt-electronic tunes in Sound Of Confusion Music Blog and for Vader Evader. Today, she continues networking bands through Twitter, helping connect musicians through writing to opportunities, and fans to albums.

::: POET

SH Sylvie Hill

| Spoken-word poet

London, UK Artist/Musician Ashley Reaks and Sylvie collaborated on a track of her spoken-word poem, “The Gentle Art of Ignoring.” Have a listen – it’s off his upcoming album, “Growth Spurts” featuring some fantastic stuff like this.

Another successful arts entrepreneurial project, Sylvie crowd-funded $6,233 through Kickstarter in 2014/15 for a new collection of provocative poetry/art called Russell Square Station: Mine the trash (2015) about a fated reunion in London, UK with a bombastic British Muse from her first book.

Front Cover - Russell Square Station Back Cover - Russell Square Station

Sylvie book launch

Russell Square Station is a follow-up to Sylvie’s first book of spoken-word poetry called Hoxton Square Circles: Starfucking Tales of Sexless One-night Stands. Her 2001 book launch was made into a video documentary.

Hoxton cover Hoxton back

promo poster Sylvie Hill Performer

You can read her latest, unpublished works here. Hill also plays guitar and writes songs. London, UK’s Photostat Machine re-did her tune “Protection,” and she contribute vocals to their “Periphérique.”


Sylvie Hill

| TV Host
| Emcee
| Curator

Sylvie was the Host for Season 2 of the Canadian national romantic & literary television dating series, The Letters: Rediscovering the Art of Courtship by Ottawa’s GAPC for CHUM Television. It aired on Book TV, Canadian Learning Television (CLT), Access Alberta and on BRAVO! Canada. Watch it here.

Sylvie Hill host Sylvie with Hurtin Albertan Tim Hus Sylvie Hill hosts

| Emcee

She has emceed popular and high-profile events, including Westfest Festival for Music, Art & Life, Mustaches for Kids through Make A Wish Foundation and Amnesty International’s 50th Anniversary Celebration & 9th Annual Write For Rights (2011).

Westfesting Sylvie and Hala_Amnesty

Sylvie applauds Sylvie Hill, Host 2009

She returned June 2014 to help host Westfest, alongside CBC superstars!

Sylvie, Host > Westfest 2014


| Curator

Sylvie was the Curator for WESTFEST Lit – Adults Only! A sold-out affair featuring five wonderful local and Montreal literary performers!


sylvie hill


| Professor, University Continuing Education Programs

Relentless in her pursuit for answers, and always curious, Sylvie thinks up novel literary courses to share with inquiring minds!

Sylvie Hill_prof copy carleton-university-vector-logo-small

Spring 2019: Sylvie brings her James Joyce single lecture presentation, “How To Enjoy Reading James Joyce’s Ulysses” to Carleton University’s Centre for Lifelong Learning.

Carleton U course

She began in 2012 to teach her workshops at the University of Ottawa’s School of Continuing Education through the Personal Enrichment Activities Program. She wanted to explore: Why is James Joyce’s Ulysses so hard to read? And why are people consuming 50 Shades when Lady Chatterley is a steamier read? Finally, can women really “use” a man for artistic inspiration — didn’t Edith Piaf?


Screen Shot 2014-08-09 at 9.19.06 AM

How to Enjoy Reading James Joyce’s Ulysses
Introduction to James Joyce and his book, Ulysses.

Mastering a Masterpiece: The artistry of James Joyce’s Ulysses
In-depth analysis of Ulysses and the author’s intent.

“Tales of Female Betrayals: 8 stories of wives, unsatisfied”
Explore eight women who fled their marriages (in creative and tragic ways).

Women Who (M)use Men: Fated Attractions
Explore how women use and muse men to fuel their art.

Ces Chansons Qui Ne Nous Quittent Pas: Piaf, Brel and Gainsbourg
Explore the powerful poetry of in song of Edith Piaf, Jacques Brel and Serge Gainsbourg.

June 2016: Sylvie gave a two-hour workshop on James Joyce’s Ulysses at McGill as part of Bloomsday Montreal (June 14)

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