Aw Baby, Where Did You Dock Your Ship?


Aw baby, where did you dock your ship?
Somewhere foreseen; they all said you’d go back to it.
Somewhere in history; aha: your life of privilege!
Business advice from your dad you inherit.
From the quiet place to the space where you were fastest.
From the island paradise to the London town pace frenetic.
Now back somewhere, where, is it quiet?
You’ll be retiring on that island, not Britain.

Aw baby, where did you dock your ship?
Ha Ha! I’m still adventuring and sailin’!
Mine’s a modest craft, limited: ill-privileged.
My father left me for two offices of a successful business.
All I have are my wits.
I inherit nothing from mom, dad, sis.
From out West to this capital city with a mom distressed.
From this government town to where now Vancouver reset?
I’m still travelling, in fact haven’t launched yet.
Building my place for my uncertain retirement.

For such a dangerous man, you sure played it the safest.
Familiar lands. Dad’s helpful hand. And an old lover’s breast.
And just when I daily feel I could benefit
From your Life’s advice, blunt observation and “get a grips.”
I smile knowing I’d improve your customer service.
Bring the whole bay in to eating at your restaurant.
Make the place the best in the world like I wanted to with your music
But that is what makes a strong match and what doesn’t…

The man who perceives himself a league above me
in his yacht with his pomp, and his fans and prestige
is a petty partner for me the independent empire builder.
And best be off and best steer clear…
And yet we set sail on some high seas together, dear
Each to each a sailor navigating worlds and mysteries
Then one day, we docked and fucked
And the storm it raged and the boat it rocked
Then in the morning, we each disappeared…

Aw baby, where did you dock your ship?
Some marina with the wealthy, again safest bet yet?
Baby, ever since you cast me adrift…
You’ve no idea the storms I have been in.
You: settled in now and roots-returned in New Zealand
You: last man who filled me with reckless
Should your moral compass (do you have one?) ever guide
Look out through your ocean cove bay and your private Life
And send me a feeling, a thought, and a vibe
Because a weak girl doesn’t respond to your disgrace like my smile.
And a fated true friend never takes you for a ride…

SH 2016