I Got News Of Your Marriage


I Got News Of Your Marriage

Well, there it is and official.
I got news of your marriage.
And I thought then of our years of correspondence:
daily about everything, debates and discussions.
And that last time you were single and playing a gig in town
You said you couldn’t wait to see me and throw your arms around
Now you’re getting married!
I always knew you were quality.
While people’d misjudge you for a skid
I knew you exceeded each with your intelligence.
Wasn’t surprised your past ex had a PhD
And that you had a decent, kind, educated family.
In 2007, after we first made out
My boyfriend after called you down.
Said: “Why the hell do you like him so much?!
He’s a cheating asshole and I don’t get it all!”
An ENTIRE meal in Vienna devoted to this
to which I kept saying, “I have no problems with K— M—ik!”
But we were 50/50 again in the deceit
Yes, like in 2013 with Reisz.

Well, there it is and official.
I got news of your marriage!
And I thought of the last time in 2014 or 15 we corresponded:
I told you to be more like this London New Zealand man.
And that was the last time you ever talked to me
Me asking you to be like him you didn’t find too funny.
I’m still single. But goddamn I got good instincts.
I was right about you and your bride isn’t tattooed.
I remember learning to be myself vs punk with you.
You dug brains and intellect and plain looking gals were fine too.
And you coached me on my guitar songs
and told me how to get them out.
And remember how you were trying to get to me in Frisco
But your band had just toured and your boss with his on the go?
And sadly you couldn’t make it but guess who did?
Devil Muse, mate, by song transAtlantic on the television.
That would be his and my fate
and that would be our missed Frisco date.
Congrats on being married – they’re leaving wishes on the page.
They’re calling you by that special funny nickname…
It was mine I gave to you in 2007.
A little piece of me with you still goes a long way, eh?
Minus my embarrassing evil I displayed
that guaranteed we’d never speak again.
What can I say, I infected by a Devil Muse?
Yeah, didn’t think it was a good enough excuse.

Well, there it is and official.
I got news of your marriage.
And this will last and you’ll make it good
And you deserve love, support and lots of cheese on tacos too!
Here’s hoping you don’t argue over tables like with S–.
And that you do what you said you’d do and that is SPEAK UP
and know this time round it’s more than
“companionship, sex, a shared apartment”
buddy, here’s your Longtime Love…

SH 2016