Leonard Cohen, a kick in the ass

Today I had a health issue
Like last week was another one
And I kept thinking
“If I live through this”
I best soon move to Montreal.
Or at least visit
To soak it in
The soul and the life of Leonard Cohen’s
And tonight I watch a flick
Of a dying chick
And thought more about living
And said
“If I feel for this”
I best soon stop wasting so much time, then!
And I saw a tweet about James Joyce being dead
Which I knew, but Cohen dying?
And yes, it’s confirmed
About an hour ago
As I watched my health risked–
And my death flicks–
And my personal mused sign about something from Auckland–
The great Poet – dead
Almost like my soul predicted
That with Cohen kicking the bucket, passed
For us hesitant, scared Poets,
A kick in the ass.

Sylvie Hill 2016