Verge Vanguard!

Brick Lane Coffee

Verge Vanguard!

I had hardly got to King’s Cross,
brought my suitcases and stuff back to the Jesmond
Laid down on the skinny bed, rested
Before heading down to Brick Lane to meet someone.
But it wasn’t my fault she was hung
He was prepping for a show and the other couldn’t go.
You seemed pissed off
that I was solo, maybe it was that I was so slow
drinking my tea, eating my leaves, forking my salmon.

Remember how you got ENRAGED
about my bag hanging on the edge of my seat?!
“Don’t facking put your bag there! Bag thieves!”
You yanked it and tucked it near your shoes
I swear our neighbours thought I was “girlfriend, Abused”
“Oh no no, he’s alright, not a boyfriend, JUST my Muse!”
Ah, I was as pissed off as you!

From Paris streets in Le Marais
to bloody crowds, ass-to-ass like a Canada Day Parade
and a few BBQs?
Overstepped that secret sign to Brick Lane
Was walking among Bangladeshi and Pakistini
I’m not in Kansas anymore, man, can you help?!
I called and I called, you wrote:
“You’ve gone too far.”
WELL COME AND GET ME, you fucking rockstar!

But I am a grown-up lady, and TRAVELLER
I will find my way through the vibrant streets
the sellers and the marketers
and the hipsters and artsy elite.
That was weird, who gets that mad at a bag?
Then I thought maybe cuz if it got ripped off
It’d be you who would have to run after it?

To take the edge off, we went to the Verge
and when you went piss by the guy in Iron Maiden
pointed to your coat said:
And “did you hear me? Watch it!”
I did! It was neat! I felt like the Vanguard SUPREME
I was ready for someone to come by and steal
I would jump so fucking fast
knock over your glass
and my pint in which you put the shells of pistaches!
Fuck I would fly
to get the coat back from that guy
I’d say “FUCK OFF, that’s my friend’s jacket!”
There’d be a racket.
They would all clap when I got back with it.

You’d come out of the can,
not knowing what went down
And I’d tell you of my feat and how I kept your coat
safe and sound!
Returning, I’d show you what I’d won back
And you’d say, “I’ve got another just like
so I don’t really give a fuck.”
Kind of like how you treated me
After we made love…

SH 2016