THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAILS. Something got me thinking. The one time I’ve been burned by a guy who left me to deal with the trauma, was a situation where the chap self-identified as being a bit of a dick even while he was simultaneously totally helpful and pivotal in my life.

“I’m a miserable old bastard,” “I’m negative,” “I’m generally fucking rude to everyone.” He told me. He also said “Don’t read between the lines if emotions are involved,” to help rid meself of the drama I was infusing upon our non-situation. He also said “You may not like me if you met me in person, I’ve a sharp tongue.” He also taught me “Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.” Oh, I did the crime, alright. So, is this a “victim mentality?” Should I do a kumbaya and tell Injured Sylvie she needs to “forgive herself?” Or might I do better to laugh at myself and say, “Sylvie, you dumbass.” Now come, here, give us a hug.

Look – if a man OR A WOMAN comes at ya sporting horns, lookin’ a bit red, and you can feel their fire — is it that they’re a dick, or are you a moron? Bit of both? How long are you going to hang out? How many ex-partners do you need to consult to convince you? Don’t you have a bloody instinct for these people that the ‘adjusted’ folks can spot a mile away?

THAT IS THE CRUX: where the hell did your instinct go? What happened to your radar that you spend even two seconds in the company of a potentially and likely corrupting force? Take responsibility for showing up to the party, man.

And hey, if the party just appears on your door step without you truly inviting it, then I sympathize. But, baby, if you sent an invite …

… then shut up.