So, the really seemingly-bossy mother who’s juggling a couple of kids and one with a disability, we distance ourself from her in fear that her bitchiness will sting us. We cringe at her relentless commandeering, thinking of her husband saying, “good god, I wouldn’t want to be married to that!”

The bipolar relative whose behaviour scares and annoys us, we push away saying “I can’t handle him, it’s too much.”

A girl tries an IUD that plugs up most women nowadays if they’re not already patching and injecting and swallowing pills so they won’t get pregnant, and gets ill within days, but thinks “I must be crazy — all the girls use this. It’s safe.”

Mental illness and women’s health — two areas that are in dire need of research, support and exploration yet I see only pharmaceutical companies gaining momentum and $$ in the treatment of human disease for which medical doctors seem to know very little.

1 – How about support services for the mother, who we all know has to maintain a rigid routine or else all will crumble? Don’t we all know a mother who seems like a Hitler with a husband who fucks the dog, but really has no choice but to take the reins?

2 – How about healers instead of drama-seeking vulture psychotherapists, and public education for those facing guilt from having to avoid a mentally ill person who is more in need of our care and love than a stable person? Do you know the difference between someone with a treatable mental bobo versus a certifiable mentally ill person whose real self has gone AWOL in a freaky psychosis?

3 – How about education for men about contraception so that women don’t have to pollute their bodies, and how about women’s care centres who LISTEN to women’s concerns beyond what traditional medical practitioners do — which is to say, listen solely to ‘clinical studies’ (funded by the pharma companies.) Are you a woman who has doubts about the synthetic hormones you’re putting in your body and what it would be like if it was pure? Ever hear of a diaphragm?

Amazing, we know shit — as in, little — about how to manage our human condition, being too busy conditioning our ‘human’ to conform to mechanical and a robot Life. Good luck with that, used men and women.

SH 2016