In The Stillness, Intention


In the stillness, intention

You gave it dark
And in the stillness
Red embers glowed
Your temper
Shoveling coal
And steaming
And fuming
And there you go
You blow
As I lay silent
In moon’s glow
Like Bloomsbury’s
Lamps lit yellow
Our ships docked
For conference
I jumped ship
You grabbed me
I drank too much
I drowned me.
Sea sick
Your smelling salts
Scent of your cologne.
Next morning
We were off.
In memory:
We meet in ocean.
In stillness
We conference
Just us
Disregarding navigation
Preferring to be lost
Just for the moment
In waters calmed
By expectation
Your big brown eyes
Our connection
London town
New Zealand
San Francisco
All forgotten
For brief conversation
A code red
Upon an island
Where I go to
To remember
— intentions.

Sylvie Hill 2017