A Man Of Integrity.

A Man Of Integrity.

I fell in love with a man who said his parents offered him tuition.
And he turned it down, working night-crew to pay for university himself.

I was a bitch. Never had anything handed. So said: “that’s dumb, take it!”
“No,” he said. “You’re dumb,” I cried! To which he returned with a shrug and smile:

“My dad is a doctor with the military and my mom stayed home for our family.
My dad doesn’t bring home much money and there are 6 mouths to feed.”

In an instant, despite my immature retort, it occurred to me that I loved him.
A wonderful family next to mine falling apart, we were more similar than different.

He worked hard, and sold his records back to his brother in bedroom ‘garage’ sales.
He made his own way, was full of integrity, punk rock ethics and admirable.

At 21, he taught me milk wasn’t healthy, x-rays damage, don’t believe the State.
His father introduced me to Madame Bovary and Unbearable Lightness of Being.

If I be single and not fucking in rows, it is that I’ve been graced in love by Quality.
I await a man with values and conscious, like him – a Man Of Integrity.

Sylvie Hill 2017