I was talking to the Universe earlier today
Asking why it sent someone my way.
When all this weekend, and all day
My phone was ringing with a strange thing.

Code 230, who can that be?
I Googled it and what did I see?
Mauritius country code, I smiled, finally:
Ah, thank you Universe: full circle completely.

I would never have got to Muse 2, geeze
If it wasn’t for Oliver Muse 1, initially.
He was Super Man to my Weak and Ease
He took me to 12 Bar to see Hawksley.

Oliver is British from Mauritius.
And he said, “I’ve found the guy to love this”—
Pointing to the image I sent him
“Dare to Love Me”, a woman and gun depicted.

Oliver sent me JG Ballard: wise.
Book was called “Rushing To Paradise.”
Sometimes we can try too hard to find it, he said
That doesn’t mean don’t go out and get it, he meant…

But while laying in bed to nap my body
I smiled mile-wide thinking of my Life story
The men I’ve known left behind clues to the poetry
That I knit together as I can to discover my Mystery.

Some have religion and put faith in God’s Plan for them.
I chose to believe in Men so wondrous they’ve made my spirit awaken.
And in plain-speak, the unArtful or Egoist will call it “obsession…”
But I never chose it this way – and I cannot undo it.

I love it, and ask by what constellation, then
Do you map your heartache and make sense of rest?
It might be my connections are supernatural at best
And if they continue to guide me toward Peace and Love –

and great sex:

I do not question this.

Sylvie Hill 2017