POEM: “In The Shower Five Years Later” — Truths loosen as time sags a Sage and ages her memories

Vanitas Fernando Vicente 02 Interiores

In The Shower Five Years Later

In the shower five years later
Having watched vids about London pickpocketers
I remembered I lost my keys on the side street
But I had checked on them earlier when I went to the lavatory.

I had been using my phone to hear a message from Kelly
Then lost it minutes later at my knees, dropped on your things
I said “My photos!!!” and you laughed at me
Said Patel got away with a phone and some kissing.

That became the name of the man who took me down the alley
And when you re-fetched me and I said “I LOST MY KEYS”
In the shower five years later
A thought: did you stay that night to protect me?

Stealers can take keys then rob the tourist’s room of their things.
Did you stay the night for fear that Patel would come calling?
Staying was cheaper than a taxi home, yes I do see
Safety, protection and you just wanted to sleep.

Or the deviled wolf in sleek clothing, chic?

In the shower five years later
Was that your then-girlfriend came to spy on me at Camden?
Why do some moments stick out for others and not others?
Pathological poetess, a distant memory or why bother?

When it’s said truth is beauty and beauty is what we seek
It’s that: I will have never have my answers, so I facelift the ugly
Truths loosen as time sags a Sage and ages her memories
Recollections work like a nip there and a tuck here

Desperately reconstructing most everything

And it is not sexy.

Sylvie Hill 2018