What the writers are sayin’ about Sylvie Hill

“Not for the faint of heart. Not for those who find offence in the particulars of life.” ~ Jeff Ross, Author (Orca Press)

Sylvie Hill

“Sylvie Hill successfully straddles the zone between the colloquial and the quixotic with her sassy, tell-it-like-it-is spoken word. This is a performer to watch out for.”
~Alexis O’Hara, Performance Artist

“Sylvie Hill is a troubadour with a voracious appetite. Think the sentiments of Rufus Wainwright punctuated in urban rap that is naked both in its power and honesty ”¦ Sylvie attacks topics that women aren’t supposed to experience and people aren’t supposed to talk about.”
~Nichole McGill, author of 13 Cautionary Tales (Gutter Press)

“[Her] energy infects me.”
~Chris Chambers, co-author, with Derek McCormack, of the carnival book Wild Mouse, and Lake Where No One Swims (Pedlar Press).

“Sylvie Hill lives her poetry at such pace and volume it’s impossible to not pay attention. Acrobatic leaps from vulnerability to rage to raw sexuality. She writes everything with her boots on.”
~John Degen, author of Life in Bucharest (Pedlar Press)

“Sylvie Hill is the one performance poet who makes me wish I were a man.”
~Melanie Noll, spoken-word poet, 2004 CBC Poetry Face-Off.

“Sylvie Hill is the only reader I’ve ever heard who could call me an asshole and I’d find myself standing graciously and yelling, ‘Encore!'”
~Darryl G. Wright, former co-director of Tree Reading Series, Ottawa.