Get Out of Jail Free Bard

Get Out of Jail Free Bard

Escape a jail, sail:
No-no marry
Lest she be changing diapers
instead of windshield wipers on long road trips to Californie.
No-no babies
Lest she be twenty
years young for the uptake not when she’s forty!
Escape a jail, sail:
No-no family
Lest she be tied down
and can’t rope sails when need be like Ulysses.

The prism of a prison seen from different perspectives.
The grass being greener across the field and hedges.

Escape a jail, sail:
Life-long love and friendship?
Penis-snipped vasectomy.
Family at a distance and on special occasions?
Oui, c’est la vie, free this is.
Satisfaction? Fulfilment? Purpose?

Yes, words and stories like wood building solid beams above my head to under my feet, enveloping me in journey, indeed.

© Sylvie Hill

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