Flame Thrower

Whenever they say, “I can be pretty sarcastic,”
I laugh. They’ve got nothing on you.
Or he said, “Just warning you, the guy can be harsh,”
I grin. They’ve got nothing on you.
Or, “my humour is biting, I hope I don’t offend,”
I smile. They’ve got nothing on you.
“I’d like to give you my honest opinion, but don’t want to hurt,”
I smirk. They’ve got nothing on you.
You said I had big eyes like an owl, but also that owls are protected.
You said I needed psychiatric help, but that what I write is ‘quite cool’.
You said I hurt your brains, but you offer them in counsel.
You said I am a dick, and I felt nothing but your friendship.
I’m waiting for you to say I’m self-admiring, now, and cowering in want.
You’ll say it like a bastard, too, I’ll dig it cause you’ve grilled me long in Teflon.

©Sylvie Hill 2013