That look on your face when you’ve just made love
and are completely brain dead to the world around
Dazed face, Zen-like and hungry
A shiver-quiver memory brings you back, you’re giggly.

Just ‘like’ something, already.
If you do, we’d be sharing that tune.
Your presence is everywhere here but no one knows it’s you.
I’ve left clues.

I’m dying to tell you in person what my chest did
when I think you answered for the Code Red
I almost don’t want to have it said
that this wasn’t it or ‘what you write doesn’t make sense’

“Go to bed,” I said…

Just ‘like’ something, already.
I’m DYING to feel it again!
When the heat swells my insides out in excitement
Of acknowledgement, of knowing, of your recognition.

I never said you had to love me.
“If you met me, you might not like me.”
I’m playing a game, asking you to like something
never knowing if it’s by chance, or if you’re answering…

I’msoexcited by the power your return has over me.
Even happier to think you know it doesn’t have to mean anything.

“If you met me, you might not like me.”
But if you like something, already, I can love thee.
Yes, this has a double-meaning.

Make me dazed face, crazy from over there.
I’ve left many things you can like from here.

© Sylvie Hill 2013

red meh