Bored, Red

Let not your position be anything but still, on the couch,
eating pistachios.
For me, and you were always doing for me, you were
do not move a fucking muscle.
Don’t write direct.
Just leave signs on the Internet.
– red –
or send nothing but a sharp line
about as stark as your naked cock, erect
penetrating me on some London hotel bed
from behind.

Let me tell you I thought it was like a precipice
– a rock face, on the edge.
Like the rush felt right before jumping off a cliff.
But this is (blue balls-out) helicopter hovering, this –
in FULL control.
In full flight of this some full passion.
And if you contact me,
you’ll fucking wreck it.

Let not your position be anything but still.
You got bored. I saw red.
Need/want you stiff, like a board.
So, in the end, this.

SH 2013

ART: dixon |