Paris via California

I don’t forget you once said ‘yes’
to a train to Paris
for lunch.
I went to San Francisco instead.
Because the bed in the flat wasn’t going to be big enough?
I sure as fuck wasn’t making a choice to ‘be’ with the other one!

I don’t forget that when I got there
I wrote, you said
‘my song is there’
I watched it, recorded it, with a bowl of popcorn
and a Sapporo.

Excited in California.

I don’t forget I wasn’t alone
LC2 in the South Pacific
waiting for a link to

So I missed the chance in Paris.
Went to Mission District.
And still – wouldn’t you believe it!
We had our ‘visit’.

I don’t forget you wrote
“How random”
when I posted
as if it wasn’t anything special.

But I was the ONLY one who would see your song.
And you KNEW I would not get it wrong.
Next morning you awoke to a piece of me on your screen,
the night before I had your voice in my ears
before my sleep.
on 25th Street, Mission.

Secretly, I like to believe we both had a good laugh
at the intercontinental connection
flawless, glitchless execution
always nailing it with sharp precision
you spell funny but your words mean something
I spell write but I find I loose words’ meaning.

I don’t forget.
How could I!
My heart was pounding, my hands shakey…….
in California, you wouldn’t believe it but I didn’t have to look hard.

“What” found me now, didn’t it?
How can you forget this?

©Sylvie Hill 2013

Kenny Random street art