DARK ALLEY DREAM DEATH (Little Death pt. 2)

Dark Alley Dream Death (Little Death pt. 2)

In Tolstoy, Anna Karenina meets Vronsky at the railway station.
Anna returns to the train station and throws herself under a train.

In Chopin, Madame Pontellier meets Alcée Arobin, he teaches her to swim.
Madame Pontellier returns to Grand Isle ocean and drowns herself.

I am by no means a tragic literary heroine but in reverse of awakened:
in slumber, I had nightmares of getting lost in the streets of London.

You are by all means an unforgettable character who told me of London streets
and rescued me in a wayward rickshaw when the Indian split with me down a dark alley.

You are therefore the answer to my dreams?
Are you not curious if you will appear when I sleep?

Did you scold the man?
Did you call my hand?

Did your heart beat worry a thousand beats deep?

I do not plan to kill myself, but my life feels over and I am lifeless.
You were a map, tour guide, and direction; I’ve since blocked all your addresses.

Little death.

London Alley, Soho

© Sylvie Hill 2013