Old School Beaver by dixon

Old School Beaver

Oh, don’t kid yourself!
I’ve got slinky panties.
They’re just not practical to travel with
To Bloomsbury:
London’s Center of Academics
Education and Medicine.
Screw Dalston!
I am a nerd.

Oh, don’t kid yourself.
I am expressive in sex.
I just don’t show it with a stranger
In Bloomsbury:
Telling me I’m annoying
And looking witchy
Too drunk to rickshaw!
I am a loser.

Oh, don’t kid yourself!
I’m called “fast” in these parts!
Compared to London, OK not at all, but
In Bloomsbury:
Places of students and studies
And trees and B&Bs
By God, I’m not Big City,
I am a geek.

You did not kid yourself.
You knew who I would be.
Come off spending a week in Family Paris
To stay a week in Bloomsbury:
With floral-print dress, scarf, bell-bottoms
Practical Canadian footwear
Fuck off Brick Lane!
I dress sensible, whatever.

So don’t kid yourself!
I like the snap, slip, smack of the G-string.
They just chafe when I’m sight-seeing
Around Bloomsbury:
Buying rarities at Collinge & Clark
Walking around like a believer
Practical, nice, hopeful, cute celibate me,
The Canadian old school beaver,
That you chopped down
Damn, with your wood
And hipster attitude.

Sent me home with my tail
Between my legs
And you? You’ve seen more behinds
than a toilet seat
in your lodge-den of iniquity
lodged your man
in my beaver dam
irony is
for the entire week,
I was clad
in rabbit fur…

© Sylvie Hill 2014

dixon / “Old School Beaver” / 20x20cm / spray paint and enamel on canvas / 2005