The Distance I Need by dixon

The Distance I Need

I am above the city
In my home in a tall building.
Walking a tightrope, on edge
Noisy traffic below on city streets
Does not bring me peace
I cringe,
Needing Wakefield trees
Waking with birds
Sound of leaves
I am above this city:

I am above the city
In my condo in the sky:
Walking a fine line, on edge
Below in the city streets
It’s a courtship of greed
I flinch,
Needing not new gadgets to please
New home décor
Or money things
I am above these things:

The devils are in the details.
Power disguised in politicians.
Battered victims hidden in freedoms.
Beauty queens, allusion of success.
Devils dancing, life-giving rituals.
Bearded companion, bent, silent.

I am in a highwire daze.
I wave my arms like a bird,
May seem free, but I’m falling
As I balance it all to get
The distance I need
to understand things below
In Cities.

© Sylvie Hill 2014

dixon / “The Distance I Need” / 21x30cm / spray paint and acrylic on paper / 2010