I Have No Dreams For Sale (Only For Sharing)

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I Have No Dreams For Sale (Only For Sharing)

No family? No baby? 40?
Easy: no one stood by me.
In my family, not my Father
Sister, judges; ignored by Mother
I’m supposed to Love you?
Why bother…

Fixations? Preoccupations? Yes!
Easy: indeed, I was obsessed.
Thought the Muses hotter
Liked how I profited
I’m supposed to Love you?
Whaddya got…

Hopes? Dreams? Sure.
Easy: rustic, nature + culture.
I’ve had a cabin once by a river
Protected my wood pile under weather
I’m supposed to Love you?
You packin’ lumber?

Am I happy? Am I OK?
Easy: I do know what Love is.
Had a loyal Russian-Cossack Grandmother
Who had to sleep in the barn in Saskatchewan
So I suppose I can Love you.
If you’ve weathered storms like us…

Am I satisfied? Am I content?
Easy: I have had artful displays in relationships.
Owned a Menzies, a Thomson & a Szydlik
The rest of the collection after 32 was shite (except maybe for a Taarek).
How can you really Love me?
If you don’t know about them…

Am I bitter? Am I crazy?
Easy: Sometimes angry. & m-m-maybe.
I’ve no blueprints for the family model
I’ve tried relationships and I have stumbled
Do you know you can Love me?
I have no dreams for sale…

And the value I’ve placed on what I own is … stale.
And the importance of owning a home is … old.
And the prestige of my university degrees is … worn.
And all the things Society said I should be
To procure a man, and be forever happy
Are the very things that enslave me from ME,
So how the fuck can I be any good to thee?

Blow this fucking pop stand?
Easy: Let’s head off among the trees.
I can make us a bed of bamboo shoots
You fish our dinner, I like oyster soup!
Do you think our Love can last this way?
I have only dreams to share with you…

Leave the cars behind tonight
I am not going to drive through the city’s lights.
Let’s fire up the sails, get in our boats
Fuck off to an island, somewhere remote.
With no guides and no signals
And a world that is down under
I promise it will all get better
Uh-oh! What’s that…?


© Sylvie Hill 2014

ART: dixon / “Dreams for Sale” / 40x100cm / enamel on canvas / 2003