JOIN ME: uOttawa 2015/2016 schedule of my course offerings soon!

uOttawa courses

University of Ottawa’s Personal Enrichment Activities Program offers a variety of literature and music courses that I’ve designed with passion on the topic and enthusiasm for giving participants an educational and fun experience! The new program for the 2015/2016 will be announced, as well as the possibility of me bringing my James Joyce course to Cork, Ireland as well as my French Music program! Stay tuned!

Wrapping up:

“Non, je ne regrette rien” : ces Parisiens imp√©nitents
le 21, 28 avril, le 5, 12, 19 mai (19h-21h)

French Musique

The 2015/2016 schedule will offer:

Undressing James Joyce’s Ulysses: Unravelled and Simplified

Undressing James Joyce's "Ulysses"

Wives, Unsatisfied: Shifty Shades of the “Great 8”

Wives Unsatisfied

Women Who (M)use Men: fated attraction

Women Who (M)use Men: Fated attractions

“Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien”: Unapologetic Parisiens (in ENGLISH)

French Musique (EN)

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