Tempest by dixon

I Stand By, Tempest

Yes, the goddamn storms will rage, man!
Will you fight or take flight?
Will you man up and see the light
Or sulk like a fucking little child?

Yes, the times will be tough, man!
You’ll lose the girl and gain
A new one losing her again
Because of your memory of the old one.

You were a druggie, and you partied
And you put away the drugs, finally.
I saw your dad say you had a time lately
All were loving and supporting.

It’s why I stayed after eggs Florentine.
Oh my, I had viscous things to say
To your friend, “not a fan,” I said
He told me you’re better since the chest explosion operation.

At Trafalgar monument, you were finally quiet.
I said: “Look at you! How much you’ve accomplished!
How did you get all this in London?!”
“Mostly bullshitted my way,” but you didn’t.

Today, I wanted to tell some guy to get a grip!
And I did, told him he was a lightweight!
Didn’t want to hear about his bad fate!
His aches and his pains and his bloody sad state!

I thought of you in your critical way
Chest pains, morphine, in hospital, you said.
And you tell it like it was a big fun game
Played with the Asian nurse who mispronounced your name.

It’s why I stayed after eggs Florentine.
Oh my, I had viscious things to say
To your friend, I told him the truth of that day
His response at once was friendly.

He’s a smooth one that guy, eh?
Knows all the rockstar, cool things to say.
Whether he means a word, is a mystery.
You and him are close, so what am I, anyways.
(We were close at one point, I want to say).

Then the man in you, seems, ran the other away.
But that kid in you, I think, stuck by a bit, stayed.
Even though the dick on you really set the stage
The Girl in me remains your friend; Woman in me – aches.

It’s why I stayed after eggs Florentine.
Trust me: I know how I can be annoying!
I know how you dealt with it all, patiently.
Every email, every need, saving me safely …

… to get what you require,
as did I, walking the high wire.

Be that curious boy you once were
Staring at rabbits with big chocolate orbs
Listing all the animals you cared for
And the chainsaws you like to cut wood.

I know I am not sexy like the lady you took to Turkey.
I know I’m not fast or furious like European divas you meet.
But I hope you’ll always respect me
For staying after eggs Florentine

I’m going to think you are trying to be less mean
In your new life where you take responsibility
For your headspace, your career and your handsome body
And your mind space, which explains ditching me.

Were you surprised how calm I could be
in the morning after the take over?
I stood bold in my pyjamas.
You were childish in yours –

But I womanned up and saw the light
Didn’t sulk like a fucking little child.

… you took what –we– required:
fair is fair,
I’m indebted to our tempests,
Baby, storms are gonna rage,
and I wouldn’t care…

© Sylvie Hill 2014

Art: dixon / “Tempest” / 35x65cm / spray paint and enamel on canvas / 2008