What Is So Sickening About a Cure?


Why do we linger in a sweat-heat of discomfort and tolerate such madness within ourselves and outside our front doors?

You know that feeling when you’re working for a judgemental, punishing moron. When you get bad service from a mean waiter. When a family member is sociopathic, or the bus driver — uncaring. The salesperson arrogant and cardboard?

We FEEL uneasy. We carry the tension in the body and conflict in our psyche. We come home sad and frustrated. Deflated and demoralized.

And that’s just on a personal level.

Imagine an entire populous sensing the threat of an unjust leader, and the dissatisfaction of settling for an unsuitable Guide.

Like a metastasizing cancer, our poisoned consciousnesses persist, and grow. Yet, we KNOW of the cure — and we do nothing.

And still we eat the junk food of rotted soul food of shit TV like the Kardashians, gossip, war talk and social prejudices that don’t make any healthy sense.

We tuck away in our little worlds self-isolating in nuclear families, by ourselves, or with work colleagues, addictions, and distractions, to assume a modicum of utopia according to rules that make sense to us.

But then we set foot outside and notice our infrastructure doesn’t make sense and pollutes. That our economy doesn’t support the needy. That our elders are shitting bloody stools in toilets bowls and sitting in closets staring at walls until it’s time for their fish sticks at lunch and a cocktail of pills to keep them tranquilized. And, kid – don’t bother me, eh, I’m on my Blackberry – go watch TV, mom and dad are busy and not even with each other.

And so it goes.

Krishnamurti said there is nothing healthy about adjusting to an unhealthy society.

So, watch to what you conform.

Listen to your body when it ails facing convention or ‘the way it should be.’

Watch a plant shrivel when it has not nutrients, and bends desperate toward the sunshine when it needs light.

Why are you polluting your ecosystem with dramas? With pot over which you’re forming a dependency to cure your anxiety and with which you are too insecure to function… normally? Why are you numbing instead of seeing a therapist that is the same cost as your alcohol and expensive meals out and a bigger breath of fresh air than your cigarettes? You know your stickiness to porn is because you’re afraid to get close to her?

Spoken like a true white girl with a good job who lives in a nice rental in a good neighbourhood. As if the poor can afford shrinks and a bag of shopping at Whole Foods, I know.

With so much illness in body, spirit and mind — my question today isn’t “What will fix it?” I know what can. The question to ask of anyone maintaining their sickness:

“What is your sick protecting you from?”

Put another way: what is so sickening about the cure for you, and our world’s ailments?

Sylvie Hill 2017

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