POEM: All This and Nothing

MillyParkes Coffee Stained Girl

All This

If I should seem desperate
HUNGRY for a relationship
I will be honest:
It is only to fast-track immediate sex
with someone respectful, decent.

If I should seem intense
STARVING for conversation
I will be honest:
No one brings me brains like him
no one as quick as him, dissects.

If I should appear random
FLIGHTY in my lack of commitment
I will be honest:
Nothing you say catches my interest,
I find you tiring, you are dim.

If I should seem retreating
RUDE, snobby, or dismissing
I will be honest:
I am quite busy solely surviving
And you do nothing but suck my energy.

Give me good, shameless, confident sex
Give me intriguing banter and reflex
Give me intrigue: be a magnet
Give me a hand, and I will give you…

all this.

Sylvie Hill 2018

Image: Milly Parkes, “Coffee Stained Girl” via deviantArt