POEM: Attention “I miss men / Male lovers who can fetch hangers lodged behind radiators”


I miss men
Male lovers who
Can fetch hangers lodged
Behind radiators
And kill spiders
In the bathtub
And fix the battery
In the fire alarm
And change a lightbulb.

These men
Who were so good with technology
Fix me up with a stereo
And things
Wire my speakers
Hang my curtains
Make a good chili
Adjust apertures
Connect the VCR
And tighten my bindings.

They are there!

Oh, I can do such things for myself as a lady!
But the love that swells
In me as I watch the competency
Of a male lover
Who precision-cuts the bits for salsa
In such fine pieces
Can choose the right dress for me
Has style, makes suggestions
And whose hugs are tight and divine
Balances me
And my femininity
His duty: to fix things
Mine: to shine his ability.

It is not that I cannot do
Such things in these situations
It’s that when a male love
Does these things for his woman
It means she has his attention.

And oh what and but what is love
But being attentive
— with intention!

And yes I know you chainsaw wood and shit.
Don’t think I ever forget it.

© Sylvie Hill 2018