SEX & LOVE IN THE PARK: Meeting Shaun of

What a fabulous treat to meet Shaun Galanos of The Love Drive blog today in Montreal’s Parc Lafontaine.

Shaun is a self-described “lover of people and an over-communicator” who believes that “honest and playful communication is the answer to more connected relationships.”

His blog, podcast, and videos are fun, edutaining — and a refreshed perspective on what the hell is driving our love and sex these days!

Shaun had a “Free Love Advice” pop-up stand in Montreal’s Parc Lafontaine today, and I was (of course) lured by the topic — and the microphones! Having just been talking about a mate’s love-life on our stroll, it was perfect timing to pop in on the pop-up stand!

Sylvie and Shaun (The Love Drive)

Pulling from the vault of my old Ottawa XPress columns on the topic, into my spoken-word poetry performances, and over to my two books (Hoxton Square Circles and Russell Square Station) and finally my academic research and teaching topic, I was full of things to say about sexuality, relationships, and love.

Sure thing I went on about my own love/sex life. The non-existent one!

My question for Shaun: Is it possible to feel you’ve met all the men you’ll meet already, and like a book with the final chapter, my story has been written and shelved?

My advice for Shaun in looking for love: Be a tourist. Act foreign. Check your demographics.

Who knows?!

All told, excited, I was shaking with awakenedness, but likely catching a chill from the pond breeze on my sweating armpits from the invigoration.

Surely, Shaun knows a thing or three more than me! But don’t take my word for it.

Read him on Whether you’re in a couple, single, dating, or recovering — there’s a piece of intelligent wisdom and thought-provoking exchange in here for you!

(And to those of you who used to read me on Facebook, I think I’ve found my match for a “Tedxxx” series!)


Shout-out to Johnny for snapping the photo, not rushing me at the mic, and a park-sit afternoon that has sparked my Sylvie flame, anew, proving that Montreal does restore me — and while my soul has felt crushed lately, is re-ignited by a peopled park of picnickers and Nature, to be followed by two weeks of vacation amidst films, books, cafes, walks, people, and the most INSPIRING pop-up conversations on topics that matter, such as today’s with Shaun!