POEM: “Les mecs Montréalais (Electric City, Ici)” — Bref, pourquoi allumer la lumière quand le soleil brille crazy bright already?

B & P

Les mecs Montréalais (Electric City, Ici)

Une amitié forte
chez ces trois hommes
Les mecs Montréalais!
Émouvant en crisse:
Oui – j’l’ai écrit, ‘Brillant-Brian’!
Mais, j’ai arreté de sacré
Par 4:36 ah em, ah, men.

They met at the MTL bar to discuss holidays plans
for getting away to Germany for Oktoberfest in autumn.
I overheard them sorting how many weeks, then one of them
said he’d need an entire week to se calisser, relaxer, lire, écrire by the piscine.

And in that moment of eavesdropping
I was overcome with a feeling of caring
I wanted to be with that man at the piscine qui s’en calisse!
I wanted to massage his mind before his week-long festivities!

As we girls went to depart for Francofolies, I interrupted the men.
Told him I liked the sound of his week – has he tried Cuba?
Three gorgeous Montrealer mecs, bright-eyed and so intelligent,
spoke to us of politics, asked our names, searched for our opinions.

We guessed their ages wrong as you do when you’re older.
And these gents – all three, single, in their near 40s, seemingly together.
And Jesse told me Montreal is like this – shit-ton of amazing folks who are available
but watch out: it is transient, in the moment, bohemian, kindly opportunistic.

These men are living – sharing emotions and appreciations!
These men are feeling – expressing to each other their gratefulness!
It was like truly watching a Quebec film
Where the conversations are so interesting they drive the plot and action.

And the night wrapped up grand as we walked us four on Duluth
Something like 3 am, the black sky bright stars our roof.
We sang in Parc Lafontaine walking arm in arm, laughing like goofs
Asked a man on a bike to stop to take our photos as proof.

Toward five, we saw the black sky turn paled navy blue.
We knew the sun was rising in Montreal – beautiful.
We heard the birds, and then I knew
Such a memorable Montreal moment was gone too soon.

I always said had I put more interesting men
In between you and these times spent
ruminating, then I might get past you, then
move on, and 2013 could be the end.

But when I played Blair’s tune, I spilled the story.
His response was “men are raw,” found my tragedy confusing.
It’s always “it’s in my book” and “I wrote a book about musing”
Most don’t know what to say, and his reaction was: to leave me.

In Hoxton Square Circles, I chased tails under sheets
In Russell Square Station, I surrendered to be completed.
Through sex-less one-night stands or sexual acts secreted
Can you consume the beloved and all his treats, replete?

I am starving for this inspiration and conversations!
But they make me anxious in my dullness and lack of practice!
And maybe Big City people then know just how to handle it –
They enjoy the electricity, and their fire keeps burning

Knowing around the corner is another fabulous beauty
Another conversation soit parmi des femmes ou hommes: interesting.
What is it like to search for love and heat among so many fascinating people a’plenty
Bref, pourquoi allumer la lumière quand le soleil brille crazy bright already?

Sylvie Hill
Montreal, June 10, 2018