POEM: “DJ IKEA And Your Brilliant Sound” — Do not think I tell them of love.

DJ IKEA And Your Brilliant Sound

When you were putting that album together
Sent me tunes through the ether
I said to you how I’d love it and it would matter
MOST to hear your tunes played LOUD in concert!

I missed you in Hoxton. Another gig somewhere.
But tonight I played you LOUD on an IKEA Bluetooth speaker.

Been years since you both sent me music!
Oliver and his Magnetic Fields, UNKLE, and Rhythmes Digitales.
And you with the Poolside, Ladyhawke, and so many others.
But tonight I played your influence to a crowd.

I had the tracks on my phone and a man* with the box
he said adjust my settings, pick a tune, and we’re off!
Selected “Higher Ground” and turned it WAY, WAY UP!
In the IKEA, smiled, congregated and loved your sound.

It was like I was a DJ in the IKEA lamp section
finally after years pumping out a session!
Sharing the magic that I’ve always felt was your talent!
And not a single fucking soul knowing the background!

Do not think I tell them of love.
For sure, just penpalling and a connection.
I am confident, doll, I had your attention.
And what vacancy lays in the absence.

But since I missed you in Hoxton and another gig somewhere.
Tonight I played you LOUD on an IKEA Bluetooth speaker.

And while shamed, and thrown off, I felt proud.
How to move on from a man whose sound
Struck a chord in lyrics and tones profound
Whose sturdy trunk and cock you wrapped yourself around
And is the reason you’re cursed and won’t go back to London town.

I didn’t think I’d go that night
And there we were until the morning light.
Five long years for me: it still frights.
For you it’s as memorable as standing in an IKEA line.

Sylvie Hill, August 2018

* The man’s name was Patel Kumar
and I had quite a laugh in Lighting
Patel the name you gave the man I snogged
who rickshaw kidnapped my ass that night.