POEM: “Set It Off” — To set it off without exploding it.

set it off

Set It Off

I want to race for the splash of scotch
on the rocks and my chocolates!
I want to tell you about it.
Discuss cheesy songs.
Hear about the dresses
And the sushi boxes
And the jogs, the camel toes
And anything elses.

I want to just walk in the mall, looking.
Consider your opinions on the clothing.
I want you to tell me all about it.
Say stupid shit, laughing in text.
And the vegetarian poutines
And the Market detours
And the daily reports of routines
Being a pervert.

Reminds me back in the days of Jeff.
Non-stop phone calls & messages.
Guys and girls can be friends!
Talking so much we’re exhausted
Or not seeing time fly by
What do we even talk about
When we’re spending that time
All the time?

Reminds me back in the days of Karen.
Closing the pubs after our day jobs.
Non-stop chats and philosophizing.
From the school to the bar to office.
And always back again and walking.
And she said we were like kids.
And Karen said no we were not.
And we kept on rocking and talking.

“Find someone you want to spend
all your time with, and spend it.”
Works for lovers, and so it is for friends.
I’ve always needed to learn to shoot the shit.
I always was preoccupied with getting dick.
If after a swig, there’d be a kiss?
How to be less personal and just roll with it.
Having no prompts nor expectations, platonic.

To set it off without exploding it.
To set it off without engorging it.
To set it off without starting anything.
To set it off and never be turned on by it.

Sylvie Hill, Montreal, April 2019