GET SOCIAL! Join me — Sylvie’s NEW Meetup Group: “Documentaries, Culture & Exhibitions”

JOIN ME IN MONTREAL for a Meetup group I help co-host, Documentaries + Culture.

What we’re about

A group for high-calibre cultural meetups, including documentaries. We typically head out for a chat about the subject over a coffee or a drink at a nearby café/pub after the event. The choices are mostly non-mainstream and have some intellectual angle. Our selection for documentaries and short films mostly comes from screenings at the Phi Centre, Cinéclub Film Society, Cinema Politica Concordia, Cinéma du Parc and Montreal Science Centre. Cultural events include exhibitions, theater, and independent/fringe music shows. Come join us to experience something interesting and thought-provoking and hang out afterwards! You’re also welcome to suggest a meetup and host it yourself.