POEM: “Eat, Kill, Fuck” — Have fun undoing 10,000 years of evolution.


Eat, Kill, Fuck

“Men and women can’t be friends”
he said, as I rejected the very notion.
They can! They can, I expressed
“Have fun undoing 10,000 years of evolution.”

“It’s true, they can’t,” he said tonight
If given the chance, men will tap it.
Not unlike what he said to me in London,
and something I refused to admit then.

“Can I eat it, kill it, fuck it,” he said.
I laughed, “you’re so very much like him!”
“I’m atrocious. Low social filter,” he said.
I sighed, “you’re so much just like him.”

And when I snuggled beside
It was just to reside
In tenderness for the very moment.

“Looks don’t matter
to guys who fuck behind closed doors.”
Add to that “take what I can get”
and if given the chance, he’ll take her.

The factual accuracy
The blatant honesty
The bald-truth notions
And clarity…

Made you less of an asshole
Make me more understanding
And grateful for the rekindled friendship
I judged in the past, mistakenly

For bringing me healing
In Montreal evenings
Through stark revelations
And connecting

But he used to just look at me
He wanted to be with me
He said he could remember
What I was wearing.

And what with his marriage
And you not wanting personal
It’s OK now, I GET limits
And will not extinguish

A gift like this again.

Whether by eating and consuming
Whether by killing, and disreputing
Whether by fucking, and cheating

I’d ruin it,

This time with the past
Repeating its tracks
I will not make the same mistake
And deny it.

Sylvie Hill, Montreal, April 2019