POEM: “See You This Summer on Rue Marie-Anne” — I am / going to kiss you

girl in fort

See You This Summer on Rue Marie-Anne

I am
going to kiss you
on Rue Marie-Anne
in the summer street
in short shorts
out front my new place
under ENORMOUS trees!
By parked cars
reflecting city lights
like stars
and twinkles from
dim-lit balconies
and candle-hummed
restaurant fronts!
All of my 46
to your graceful-aged
man self, softened
in places
but chest still raging
I am
going to kiss you
on Rue Marie-Anne
in the summer heat
in my light dress
in pretty panties
and painted feet
as we walk along to my new place
up to my two balconies
stretched plexes of
where I will be living:
youthful innocent summers
genre, feeling
but in wisdom,
and some money
in your chain wallet
for a tremendous cocktail
and fancy supper
or a BIXI ride home
into the dark hours
I am
going to kiss you
in Plateau Mont Royal
secured that past memories
are passed
and new selves
just right
ripe in age
and ready for meaning
on the streets of Montreal
on Rue Marie-Anne
like late, late into
the summer season.
For I never stuck
with the early
spring chickens
something about
less time to fuck up
or get bored
later in age
as we’re aging
and choosing to be
you, and me – as me
but together
living a Life
on Rue Marie-Anne
this summer.

Sylvie Hill, Montreal (November 13, 2019)