Reuben and the Dark: UN LOVE = Astonishing, humble, soul-quenched album start to finish

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Treasured: It’s like come for one song, stay for the ENTIRE album here

EVERY single track on Reuben and the Dark’s album, “UN LOVE,” is a magnificent discovery of such soul, mystery, depth. Absolute quality without pretension.

The ‘style’ of music transcends a few genres, but it’s at home next to some Wake Owl, Sarah Blasko, darker Tragically Hip, Damien Rice, even a Lindsey Buckingham back beat on “Weightlessness” … for me.

It’s got the dark felt feel that’s luscious – but oddly accessible. It’s climactic at points verging on anthemic. I keep dancing to it – swaying, moving meaningfully, or just raving to the triumphant parts.

Dude is from Calgary, seen a vid set in Montreal. What the fuck is the story here?

Take off, take flight – try this guy out tonight. Take a trip through some cinematic-dramatic without the drippy theatrics. Like the real-deal in front of your eyes, seeping soul, again – without attitude.

There’s a genuine reflection to this album that’s quiet, honest – and astonished humble.

Catch him live on tour. He’s in Montreal in February 2020.