Sylvie Pens About Tattoos in Guerilla Magazine

For the current issue of Guerilla Magazine, Sylvie interviews Dan Allaston, tattooist and owner of New Moon Tattoo.

Dan Allaston (photo: Jeremy Roy)

He’s been a jack of all trades and a free bird on the open road, he calls himself a procrastinator and a bad employee, but tattoo artist Dan Allaston has combined artistic talent with sound business sense to create one of Ottawa’s most reputable tattoo businesses: New Moon Tattoo.

His first shop went up on Burland Street off Carling Avenue in the west end 18 years ago, the second opened in Orleans six years back. Not surprisingly, Allaston is now a staple in the tattooing community and his name reaches far beyond Ottawa. From all the New Moon publicity generated through magazines, web sites, and more than 100 tattoo conventions in 12 countries, Allaston gets calls on a weekly basis from artists and apprentices who want to work for him.

“I don’t think business is complicated,” Allaston tells Guerilla. “Do a good job and charge a good price. And if you do something you love and try to do it well, the money will come. More…


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