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Sense and Sensuality: A Fine Read

The Ottawa XPress – July 7, 2005 BOOK REVIEW Aviva Cohen’s Sex and Sublimation (Tritonia Press, 213 pages, $19.99) Aviva Cohen’s debut novel gives art and authenticity a highly sexualized once-over Sex and Sublimation is a literary gem that shines light on the role and responsibility of the feeling person in contemporary society. A text […]

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A Bittersweet Read

The Ottawa XPress – December 9, 2004 BOOK REVIEW Emily Pohl-Weary’s A Girl Like Sugar (McGilligan Books, 232 pages, $22.95) Empathizing with the Apathetic – “You’re one weird dude, Sugar.” – “Weird is way better than cute or sweet.” Young People’s Press touts Toronto’s Emily Pohl-Weary as “an unconventional and modern-day hero to many young […]

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Girls Who Bite Back Kick Ass

The Ottawa XPress | May 20, 2004 BOOK REVIEW Emily Pohl-Weary’s edited anthology: Girls Who Bite Back (Sumach Press, 332 pp.) Girls Who Bite Back unrolls the female roll model: Superchick Anthology takes on feminist pop icons “Everything I know about feminism I learned from pop culture.” ~Sophie Levy, Manifesto for the Bitten The notion […]

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