PARC LAFONTAINE PODCAST: & I chat about sex, aging bodies + how to find love

Tune in to Shaun Galanos‘s Pop-Up Podcast from Parc Lafontaine, Montreal recorded Saturday, June 2, 2018, featuring three informal chats with strangers who were drawn in by his “FREE LOVE ADVICE” sign!

I was happy to be one of the chatting ladies — catch me at 13:33 talking about how I think my Sex life is over having completed the Muse story through Russell Square Station: mine the trash, and my making love era done for after my break-up in 2011. I also harken back to the glory days of enjoying many men’s bodies through sexless one-night stands, and what to expect with sex as I get older.

Shaun had tremendous advice — take a listen. I even give him a bit myself about how we might all find love…



Sylvie and Shaun (The Love Drive)

PS: I have no idea why I mentioned Kool-Aid but I was de-corporatifying myself from work on Day 1 of vacation here in Montreal and I’m not sure the transition was complete what with having been self-identifying lately with my day job (aka, drinking the Kool-Aid). It was always the lure of a beer, or one time — scotch sucked from a commemorative World Cup glass soccer ball enveloped in a plastic football. But that involved a woman and a black evening gown on a late night we parted, only for her to return after last call, following being chased by weirdos into the Quickie only to emerge for safety in my side alley window. Ah, memories.