WAM! Bam Explosion!

BAM ~ eXplosion

As part of Quebec Scene, April 20-May 5, BAM!, the trio of comedic and talented percussion performers, were stunning with their amazing drumming!

The Ottawa XPress (April 26, 2007) featured my article and interview with Jean-Sebastien Dallaire (below, left).

Les BAM Boys

Friday, April 27, 2007 at 10:15 PM
National Arts Centre, Fourth Stage

$5 or donations for “La Soupe Populaire de Hull,” in cash or non-perishable food.

You’ve heard of comedy-percussion? BAM spreads pulsating energy with great bursts of laughter and powerful drumbeats! They’ve come home from their world travels to delight their fellow citizens for awhile. Side-splitting comedy and savage drumming virtuosity that electrify the crowd. Characters straight out of a mad cartoon. A unique language spoken only by them”¦ but understood by everyone. Transcultural humour + irresistible rhythms = a truly universal event.

BAM! was also featured in Greg et Gentillion, a mockumentary about two ‘comediens’ in white slacks from Aylmer who go to Toronto to make the “big time.”

BAM! is the dynamite act that Greg et Gentillon’s useless, yet remarkably comedic agent, Paul-Emile (Paolo Mancini), was busy representing as G2 was falling apart because Greg abandons the duo to join punk rock band, Maximum RnR.



The show was loads of FUN and LAUGHTER!