Moody Mystery: Film-noir, dark-disco synth stylings of Blockhouse Bay (London, UK)

LONDON, UK-based edgy electro-indie, retro-tinged British disco/dance pop with a cinematic feel. Sonic gems that pulsate hard, high-tempo club beats going back in time to new-wave vintage 80s synth with 21st-century twists. Catchy-chorus lyrics carried through evocative verse & vocals varied perfect, grounded in melodic hooks and unforgettable harmonies.

Infectious as hell — Blockhouse Bay is brand-new music venture of seasoned musician Rhys Hughes. Produced by Blair Jollands (of Glowb Recordings).


Blockhouse Bay (BhB) is the long-awaited magic sound that dance clubs, lounges and alternative-music bars have been waiting for to revive vibe and venue. That’s because Blockhouse Bay incorporates the right mix of electronic, British pop and indie sounds, creating striking dance hits with gorgeous melodies.

Blockhouse Bay goes beyond the obvious throwback to nostalgic dark-pop, goth, New Romantic or 80s synth by amplifying that mood through pumping electronic keys-driven dance beats and tinging the tunes with a futuristic alternative house-music feel. Think: Everything But the Girl’s “Miss You” remix by Ben Watt and Tracey Thorn, only harder. Beefed-up Ladytron. Sexier Poolside. From indie dance, to disco noir, Blockhouse Bay will pack a floor.

LISTEN | Sensational Ennio Morricone stylings on the synths for “One of Us.” BIG sound corralling crowds lost in a world running for the phone with the anthemic “Come On, Come on, Come on” intro in this pumping, feverish and epic number.

Blockhouse Bay EP

Supernatural | Mysterious echo-textured and romantic-disco danceable, not unlike “darkwave,” pioneered by Netherlands’ Xymox.

Borderline | “And I have always thought you borderline, they’re coming to take you home.” Next trip’s back in time like this throwback sound gone futuristic with laser synths, infectious beats and layered orchestral harmonies framing this cryptic and intense disco-noir gem.