Cam Jones’s “Streetcar Curtsy” well worth the salute

Cam Jones amps up the folk, and strips down the rock in his raw and powerful musical project, “Streetcar Curtsy.” Vocals, guttural like Vedder (Pearl Jam), throwback like Kurt Marschke (Deadstring Brothers) and sounding like a cleaner Brock Zeman, Jones styles his songs in pure folk-rock guitar.

A worldbeat-meets-rock sound echoing Ani DiFranco, Streetcar Curtsy travels from lively, upbeat through to quieter tracks close to Red House Painters’ Mark Kozelek territory. One of the nicest and hardest working musicians in Ottawa (Canada), singer-songwriter Cam Jones is a sure show for any of our big festivals from jazz to blues and folk. A definite rock or indie-alt bar pleaser that will stun audiences still.

Definitely a ride you want to be on. Mr Jones: fuck the curtsy, I’m going full bow to you–this is great stuff.