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Photostat Machine (London, UK)


JUNE 2013 | Music Blog

Danny Michel’s (Ottawa, Toronto, Belize) transformation wasn’t a blunt change – it was a natural evolution of a mindful artist and consistent with his core as a man of substance and true musical gifts. I just wasn’t paying attention. More…

Danny Michel Danny Michel


Cam Jones (Ottawa, Canada) amps up the folk, and strips down the rock in his raw and powerful musical project, “Streetcar Curtsy.” Vocals, gutteral like Vedder (Pearl Jam), throwback like Kurt Marschke (Deadstring Brothers) and sounding like a cleaner Brock Zeman, Jones styles his songs in pure folk-rock guitar. More…

Cam Jones' 'Streetcar Curtsy' Ottawa singer-song writer Cam Jones


Lindy Vopnfjord (Toronto, Canada) took our breath away when he rolled into The Blacksheep Inn in Wakefield, Quebec on June 21 with Geoffrey Pie (Yellow Jacket Avenger) & Hydrothermal Vents. Exceptional talent, fun folky banter, and alway killer delivery of gems, like “Lover/Sister”. Watch an Exclaim version here.

Lindy Vop at Blacksheep Lindy Vopfnjord leaving Blacksheep Inn, Wakefield


Moody Mystery: Film-noir, dark-disco synth stylings of Blockhouse Bay (London, UK). More…

Blockhouse Bay Blockhouse Bay


Yellow Jacket Avenger (Montreal, Canada) features vocals by Hydrothermal Vents’ Tessa, adding sensational flair. More…

Yellow Jacket Avenger Geoffrey Pie


MAY 2013 | The Sound of Confusion (on-line magazine, UK)

Hailing from Leeds, UK, electronic-music veteran Simon Grainger (AKA Graingerboy) expands his musical territory beyond a 90’s Ibizan sunset heritage (and work with Ministry Of Sound’s Electric Boutique) with his latest creation, ‘Silent Universe’. More…

Silent Universe - Graingerboy - EP Simon Grainger


APRIL 2013 | Blog

True to their namesake, Hydrothermal Vents (Montreal, Canada) explode a unique collection of peculiar aural treasures from a cultured depth and solid-rock base of combined musical force and ingenuity. More…

John & Tessa - Hydrothermal Vents 6a00d8341bf7f753ef0162fef98288970d-800wi