MUSIC REVIEW — Vader Evader // London’s Blockhouse Bay, Well Endowed?

Read about the sweet & sexy SONIC STYLINGS of Blockhouse Bay in my upcoming feature in Vader Evader, a new-music on-line magazine for electronic music.

excerpt //


When the most boring criticism may be against the simple beats, Blockhouse Bay recovers quickly through Hughes’ artistic arrangements and the magic pulsating from the way he and producer Jollands layer the vocals.

“As this is my first album taking the lead in singing, it really helped having Blair (Jollands) producing,” says Hughes. “He has a natural flair for, and love of, recording vocals, so we were able to build up the songs with multiple vocals tracks and harmonies that has created quite a unique sound…”

The stunning effect is all over the album, and pronounced from the get-go in the druid-like intro for “Supernatural.”


CHECK OUT this London-based New Zealander in my exclusive interview with Blockhouse Bay for on-line SOUNDS | VISIONS | WORDS | VOICES culture magazine Four Culture.