Introducing sexy screen-print artist, Rebecca Gilman

I’ve fallen in love with a Rebecca Gilman screen-print, and all I want is more!

Ottawa artist, Rebecca Gilman will be indeed showing more of her art — two colourful abstract pieces this time at Abstractions II, the second of Gallery 7A’s three-part series of abstract art.

Since featuring her art in a group show at the War Museum last year, Gilman’s been charging ahead. “I’ve been in numerous shows since then but I haven’t yet had a solo show,” Gilman says. “But I’m working on it.”

Gilman is mainly a multi-media/collage artist, but she’s branched into abstract painting and screen-printing recently. So fetching is her screen-printing art that I’ve commissioned Ms Gilman to stamp her talent on my clothes! She’s got great ideas for branding tube dresses, worn-out t-shirts and linens with artistic layouts and cool images.

Whose faces and logos have I chosen to grace my cottons? Who else but Danny Michel, Maximum RnR and Thomas Fersen.

Got an idea of your own you’d like to see printed on some t-shirts? Email and I’ll put you in touch in this fabulous young talent.

Abstractions at Gallery 7A

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