Hoxton Squares Circles Book Launch: Documentary

Sylvie Hill documentary performance

The work of spoken-word artist Sylvie Hill is explosive, hilarious, polemic and sexy. And that’s before she raises her words off the page in an engrossing performance.

This ten-minute short produced by Niche Productions and Rick Kaulbars highlights the work and thoughts of this emerging literary star.

Sylvie Hill documentary performance

The “Sylvie Hill” documentary was featured in Indie Xposed on Roger’s Television in 2003 and 2004, and was screened as part of the 2003 Brampton Indie Arts Festival.

Sylvie Hill documentary performance

“Sylvie had an incredible rapport with the audience. Her work was tragicomedic and that connection was made with the audience who would be laughing their asses off during the performance while simultaneously thinking, ‘Ouch, I’ve been there.'”
~Nichole McGill, Producer, Niche Productions

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