Too For You

dixon_Too For You

I dreamt we went to Bloomsbury
like Sylvie Plath and Ted Hughes!
Instead of The Lamb up the road
it was Bloomsbury Pub, you choose/you chose.

I choked:

You asked me when I last had sex
I didn’t really care for that!
You asked me to point to ‘where was South?’
Your mind, the contest, I love/I loved.

I longed:

You raged when I went on and on
in letters, you didn’t want to get “personal.”
But all you asked of me in person was private intel
I withheld details that were principal/in principle.

A prince and his disciple?

Together, we went to Bloomsbury:
one Sylvia following the heels of her Hughes.
Who fooled who?! And, what a ruse!
Were you amused/a Muse?


You’re someone else’s lover
a world apart and over – true?
The other half of a dueling duo:
your beauty, natural to you two/too.

Good Goddess, you
Fucking fools.

© Sylvie Hill 2014

ART: dixon / “Two” / 55x55cm / spray paint and enamel on canvas / 2006 — with Juan Carlos Noria.