Blurton Bless The Setbacks

The Ottawa XPress – January 18, 2007

The Setbacks’ nod to rock gods

If male rockers pushing 40 could get pregnant, I’d believe that Ottawa’s The Setbacks were the product of a three-way shag in the back of a van between Tricky Woo, C’mon and Maximum RNR.

Baptized with Labatt’s 50 and weaned on MC5 and The Stooges, The Setbacks (Trevor Kealey, Steve Palmer, Chris Saracino and Paul Townsend) play fun and blistering-loud, balls-out raunch ‘n’ roll crowded with shouts and gang vocals, pounding drums, big bass lines and killer riffage that’ll make yer skull cave in.

The Setbacks’ Steve Palmer

Their new album, Bless My Soul, recorded by Paul “Yogi” Granger, is sure to make the godfathers of the aforementioned rock royalty proud. In particular, The Setbacks would consider a high-five from C’mon’s Ian Blurton a blessing from the Holy Father himself.

“Ian Blurton is a god to all of us,” says Palmer about Hogtown’s highly respected King of Canrock – the measure of all things cool. “We pray to him regularly.” Read more…

– Sylvie Hill