The Table Story

The journey endeth?

AND HERE WE STILL ALL ARE …which is unbelievably great; learning everyday how to stay sane Well, here I am! And here we were for The Table Story Part I with the Carpenter and Part II. And here you are … probably waiting for the much-promised update on “The Table Story”. Many months have passed, […]

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The journey starts … now!

THAT WAS THEN… Part I: The Last Suppers The last time a Carpenter came through my door, he broke my heart and cleared out his furniture, including his most beautiful, real-wood, heavy, dining room table. Nearly black like the colour of my true {ex-} love’s hair, the dining room table was a very rich, espresso-coloured […]

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The journey continues…

OUT, DAMN SPOT!! Part II: This isn’t going to work In Part I, I introduced you to the Carpenter who broke my heart, and left my apartment with his real-wood dining-room table. But he didn’t want to break up. So how was that going to work? All I knew is that I needed a new […]

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