Calgary Herald talks about the Letters

The Calgary Herald – Saturday, February 10, 2007 By: Tonya Zelinsky Calgarians seek literary love in reality show Every night when Roxanne closes her eyes to go to sleep, she is overcome by feelings of love and tenderness. Her head is dizzy, her stomach is queasy, and she is overwhelmed with excitement in anticipation of […]

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Hill takes her passion to TV Land: Sylvie’s Hosting Gig Featured in The Ottawa Citizen

The Ottawa Citizen – Saturday, September 02, 2006 By: Tony Martins Sylvie Hill has a motto: Follow what you love and you’ll never get lost. The passion-first resolve that has helped Hill earn a local profile as a bold writer and candid commentator will be front and centre again when she hosts the second season […]

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Sexual Poetics caught on tape: Sylvie’s spoken-word artistry featured in Guerilla

Guerilla Magazine, Issue #1 By: Tony Martins A dialogue about a film > about spoken word poetry > about sex or lack thereof In the summer of 2001, riding an unprecedented surge in our spoken word poetry scene, Sylvie Hill reigned as Ottawa’s leading indie sex goddess, talking dirty and funny and scary into a […]

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