Hoxton Square Circles: spoken-word poetry book

Hoxton Square Circles: Starfucking Tales of Sexless One-night Stands is a collection of spoken-word poetry documenting one woman’s journey through the sexual landscape of Ottawa. So it’s a short book. And who are we kidding – the author is a tattle-tale. Hoxton spills all the nitty gritty of Hill’s one-night ‘exchanges’ with men, some Brits, and a woman, exploring through scintillating expression and vivid images exactly what happened when it was time to go home, and you didn’t.

The book takes its name from the hip artists’ and musicians’ quarter in London, England. Circling urban places and sexy spaces, the works address that urge to get it on and fit (it!) in. God willing, you may enjoy a bit of kiss-and-tell.

Starfucker Press, 75 pp, $12.95
CD, $5

Available at Venus Envy or by contacting me@sylviehill.com.

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