Hope’s Season Sufferance and Fulfillment

Hope’s Season Sufferance and Fulfillment

My, how winter deathened us!
Deadened in darkness:
expected us
to live on
despite animals in hibernation
and lack of light
on sleeping souls, and fattening bodies
that needed rest and reflection!

My, today’s sunshine awakened us!
Lifted us in warmth and:
filled us
with remembrance
of longer days of experience
walking easier without baggage:
our boots, coats, road salt and bullshit for
shorts, tanks, dresses, sandals and sunglasses!

My, how our memories will save us!
Promising us new experiences:
pushing us:
with perseverance
“Spring is just around the corner
and so is my happiness.”
Morning brilliance 6 am
Days passing swift to evenings’ fulfillment…

Sylvie 2017